Skip Hire

Different Types of Skips for Hire

When it comes to storing and disposing of old property and unneeded materials, there’s no greater tool than a skip. These large resources act as temporary bins – and with a great variety of sizes and shapes to choose from, it’s entirely possible to hire a skip to suit your exact requirements. Skip bin hire is very straight forward and a quick search online will offer a variety of providers.

If you’re keen to learn a little more about the different sizes of these bins however, continue reading.

The builder’s skip

dumpsterTypically seen within construction sites or alongside buildings that are being renovated, these large skips can hold up to the equivalent of 200 black bags. They are large enough to be positioned under a bucket shoot, making it easy to drop unwanted materials down where they can be collated within the skip itself, ready for disposal.

The builder’s 8 yard skip

This smaller and differently shaped skip can be used by professional contractors and home owners alike. Although smaller, they are still larger than a car and can hold up to 75 black bags of waste. Most Australian construction sites will require road permits to use these bins – but they are easily obtained nonetheless.

The medium bin

Offering a smaller size and structure, these types of skips are lower to the ground than their larger counterparts; making them ideal for manual loading. They can be positioned on the side of a road with the necessary permit, or in a back garden if needed temporarily. They can be used for both domestic and business requirements too, and can hold almost 60 black bags-worth of waste.

The mini bin

Being considered the smallest type of skip available in Australia, these models usually measure no more than 2 yards in length and are ideal for business and domestic uses alike. They can still hold up to 35 black bags of unwanted materials and are quite low to the ground – making them just as easy for manual loading as their medium-sized counterparts.